about Sansom Kabob HOuse 



 Hello, we are Sansom Kabob House. A local Afghani restaurant bringing authentic Afghan cuisine from the core of Afghanistan. We originally opened on October 2nd, 2002. We were on 1526 Sansom St. for 14 years and then moved to 1300 South St. We create gourmet food that you can only find in our restaurant or Afghanistan. We have many special dishes from the bread to our main courses. Our bread has been passed down from the founder's great-great-grandfather with an array of bakeries in Afghanistan, who also maintained restaurants in Kabul. Passed through generations until our chef brought it over to 15th and Sansom. Then from 15th and Sansom to 1300 South St. 


    We have fantastic food that you fall in love with and will bring comfort to you, from our meat lovers to our vegans. We do reservations, walk-ins, groups, take-out, delivery, catering, waiter service, and maintain a great family environment.